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April 11, 2019


What does the word Bollywood mean to you ? Love, sadness, colors, songs and dances !

In a first part, I will explain what Bollywod production is, and in a second part Bollywood dance.

Bollywood is the first movie industry  in the world. The name is a mix of Hollywood and Bombay, known as Mumbai since 1995.

 This Indian corporation releases  more than 1,000 movies per year. For example, in 2012 Bollywood produced 1,604 movies and the U.S produced only 475 movies. The same year, Hollywood sold 1.36 billion tickets compared to Bollywood which sold 2.6 billion tickets.

This Bollywood production is unmissable in the Indian culture.  Bollywood  movies are characterized by the long projection period which lasts at least two or three hours. Movies are composed of songs and dances. They are colorful musicals. Another characterictic of those movies is the original language: it is in Hindi and most of them are not dubbed in foreign languages, so you can choose a subtitle, which is most of the time English.

We can quote the famous  movies Devdas, HumThumBride and prejudice , My Name is Khan, Ra One …   Almost all of them tell the story of an impossible love between a young man and a young woman. But if this love story didn’t have any obstacle, it would not  be  an Indian movie ! The other famous topic is the fantastic aspect of their religion with Gods and supernatural.

The impediment is mostly a caste problem, the young woman has a superior social class than her lover. Or the lovers don’t have the same religion one Mulslim and  the other Hindu. The family also doesn’t want to have a son-in-law or a daugher-in-law who has a different religion.

Moreover,  we can emphasize that the topics are similar through the movies.  Those topics are topical themes in India. For example, the arranged wedding is another subject of Bollywood movies.

Nowadays, the reality is not as bright as in movies. I think the Bollywood films are a way-out for the Indian population. Their lives are always ruled by their castes. Moreover,  arranged weddings are still happening. Another characteristc of the Bollywood movies is the tragic end of the two lovers.

The sets of Bollywood movies are always beautiful. In majority, all the movies take place in a palace or in the highest and beautiful houses. The sets are always composed of rhinestone  and sequin.

The costumes are also important in films. Thanks to them we can know what will be the themes of the scene. The costumes could be classical or traditional.

The most famous actor of Bollywood production is Shah Rukh Khan. He played in 56 movies and series.  He was known through the world thanks to the movie Devdas produced in 2002 and the other movie of 2010 My name is Khan. He is the best actor and the best  in Bollywood. He earned  2,76,01,30,557.00 ruppees  annual in 2017 ( $33 Millions).

Nowadays, the most famous actress of Bollywood movies is Deepika  Padukone.  She played in 24 movies and many with Shah Rukh Khan. She became famous thanks to her first movie Om Shanti Om .  Moreover , Hollywood was attracted by this actress and offered  her to play in  the blockbuster  Reactived with Vin Diesel. Her famous movies are : Om Shanti Om, Padmaavat and Bajirao Mastini.

II. Bollywood dance in cinema

In a first place, it’s important to know that Bollywood dance is composed of many styles of dances : the most famous are  Bollywood style and Kollywood style.

Kollywood style is used to design the movie’s corporation of Kodambakkan, a city near Chennai, Tamil Nadu State in India .

Bollywood dances are not Indian traditional dances!   Bollywood style is composed of many dances. The big party is composed of Bharatanatyam which the sacred Indian dance represented by girls named devadâsî ( literally servant of God). Those girls were also courtesans at the royal court of Maharadjas.

Since the 70’s Bollywood dance  is also composed of break dance, rock dance, modern, jazz dance and belly dancing.

Moreover,  three types of choreographies  are visible in those movies :

-The  romantic duo between the two lovers.

– Scenes where everyone is dancing (it always joyful songs)

– The solo of the main character who is in love and dances with his/her troop.


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