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A flying car coming ?

November 29, 2018

Annouced for 2018, the first flying car should be offered for sale to the plane amateur’s car drivers. It should be able to run at a 160km/h speed and to fly at a speed of 180km/h. Its inventors from the Pal-V Dutch society announced that the sales would begin from the Netherlands.
Résultat d’images pour pal v dutch flying car

Two editions of the car will be available, the Sport one (299 000 euros) and the Pioneer Edition one (499 000euros). The future customers will have to pay a non-refundable submission that varies around 9500 and 24 000 euros. Contrary to the other flying car that were offered to sell before, especially by the Chinese society EHang, the Pal-V car will allow its passengers to change the way during the journey.

But there are still a few problems to solve, like the fact that the passengers should probably have a pilote license to drive this car; there is also the question on how to warn authorities on each flight or also the different places where it will be allowed to fly.

Pal-V is already receiving a lot of pre-orders, from people really attracted by this unusual invention.

Anyway, you have to keep in mind that this car has some particularities, not always really useful ; you must be aware that there is, for example, no boot in this car…


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