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November 24, 2018

Martin Mussard aka Naâman, is a 28-year-old reggae singer coming from Dieppe. He was born in 1990 and has always loved music. He is a singer, author, composer and knows how to play a lot of instruments such as the guitar, the piano, the ukulele etc… And his dance moves are sooo cute.

He started doing music on youtube with a song named How many times among others.

He released his first album in 2013; it was called DEEP ROCKERS BACK A YARD.

The second one got out in 2015 RAYS OF RESISTANCE.   


The last one (for now) is called BEYOND and is from 2017.

He loves travelling especially in Jamaica the reggae land.    

He studied in a Catholic school which is obvious in his texts. His stage name is a biblical reference; the “man” in this name reminded him of the language style of reggae people. Moreover, he thanks God and everyone for life and he encourages us to be thankful for everything, all of that on top of a groovy music. His music makes you want to smile. He started a group as a teenager called Young Kha. They performed in bars as he moved to Caen. Then he dropped out of college to fulfil his dream of music.

Even though reggae music is mostly sung by Africans or West Indians, Naâman is totally impregnated with Rasta culture. In this context, the ganja or the decadent Babylon come back a lot in his songs. The young singer plays all his songs in Jamaican English. For Naâman, music, espacially reggae, is all about positivity, so everyone can do it.

Then he met Fatbabs, a musician. They became friends and they started doing music together. The title SKANKING SHOES was a hit.

On August 3, 2012, he appeared for the first time on stage at the Reggae Sun Ska Festival. The notoriety then started to take off.

It is joyful music which you can sing on. They are very peaceful, they make you smile and put you in a good mood. I saw him in a concert, and obviously I loved it. His dance skills are precious, his voice is amazing; he is really close to the public, he talks with us, encourages us to live life and smile! He is also pretty handsome so, he is basically perfect. He stayed himself even though he grew big and famous.

You’ll never get sick of his music, and seeing him in live is even more impressive than I could have imagined. What are you waiting for??!

Clara Tricomi

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