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Seoul, the new Korean trend

October 12, 2018

When we talk about fancy, interesting destinations we all think about NYC, London, Paris, Tokyo… All those cities in developed countries have had a reputation for a long time; now, new countries like South Korea are opening to the world, as we can notice with the incredible show their offered us for the Olympic Games this year; and its capital has many things to impress you and make you fall in love with it. Let me introduce you Seoul.

Seoul is the capital of South Korea, located in the north west of the country; this city is one of the most incredible I have ever visited. The surface is 605,2 km2, it has 25 municipal boroughs and counted 9,857 million citizens in 2018; this is the third most populated city in the world after Tokyo and Mexico. This city was built I century BC and has a really rich and interesting history.

The historical aspect of the Korean culture has not been rejected when the country started to be more international and that takes an important part in the charm of the city. The Gyeongbokgung royal palace is a majestic place to enjoy in the center of the capital. You can find a traditional temple near a modern building; that’s the kind of magic you can find in Seoul. For example the Hanok village, which is a reconsitution of a traditional old Korean village, is near the Namsan Tower which is one of the symbols of the power of South Korea.

More than that, as a modern capital, Seoul can offer you fantastic entertainments just as impressive concerts, advanced technology. This is Samsung’s country and they are World Champion of League of Legends, the famous video game. And it’s not lacking in delicious food, or huge malls to shop incredible things. You can find everything, everywhere. If you are a fashion victim Seoul is a place for you. Fashion is not a joke in this town. We recommand you MyeongDeong district and HongDae district to spend your money to be as stylish as a model of the Seoul Fashion week, event that you have to see.

The food is an important aspect of the trip, we all know that. Traditional Korean food can be found in places like Namdaemun Market, which is the biggest open air market of the city, where kimchi, hotteok, mandu or tteokbokki are delicious and very cheap.

Never forget that a simple coffee in Seoul can be a great adventure. We can recomand you to try Hello Kitty Café, Line Friends Café or Dog or Cat Café. My advice is to never hesitate to enter.

Korean culture is no longer a mystery. The country spreads it in the world thanks to K-pop and K-drama which are the musical and cinema industry of South Korea. Go out in the streets and ask if someone knows BTS or EXO. Of course someone does, those Korean boys’ bands are so famous that we can count their fans by millions worldwilde, and BTS won Billboard twice in 2017 and 2018.

To illustrate this article you can Watch this video :


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