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Tarragona, Catalonia, Spain

September 21, 2018

Tarragona is a city about one hour south of Barcelona, located on the Costa Daura, in Catalonia, Spain. The city’s atmosphere is relaxing with beaches, monuments, beautiful landscapes of the Mediterranean Sea…

We can admire a few monuments and museums like the Archaeological Museum , the Circus Amphitheatre, the Pont del Diablo … The area around Tarragona is a gold mine for people who like culture and  Roman Architecture.

Pont del Diablo

Tarragona was an old Roman colony during the time of Julius Caesar.  This city was named “Tarraco”. We can emphasize the presence of Roman ruins in the old quarter of the city. Like other cities in Catalonia, Tarragona is a fortified city .

We can admire the Circus- Amphitheatre. The Circus monument is so huge and imposing that we can feel the Roman Empire’s power. The Circus was built next to the Mediterranean Sea, which allowed the wind to enter and ventilate.

In Catalonia, the Templar history is one of the most important and visible. In Tarragona cathedral (12th century) , we can see a few Maltese crosses and allusions to Templars. The shield of the city is composed of the Templars’ cross without the top of the cross which represents the “T” of Tarragona. The cathedral is composed of different styles of architecture : we can see  baroque, gothic, Roman parts and also some dating back to the Middle Ages with the knights’ shields.

Those ruins show us the power of the Antique civilization.

The mixing of different kinds of civilizations has recreated a new one. The oldest civilization mixes perfecly with the present one. Nowadays, Street Art has taken the place of the old art in the main street of Tarragona like in Pilon’s Street.

Tarragona is one of the most famous and well-known cities in Catalonia for its leather. The price of the leather is inexpensive and its quality  is exellent. Few shops are settled in the old quarter. The leather is made by local craftsmen. We can appreciate that each time we buy an article, it is always a unique one, nobody will have the same as yours.






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