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The impressionists in London

September 20, 2018

The Exhibition:

An Art exhibition is organized between 21st June and 14th October 2018, mainly with paintings and sculptures, in Paris at the “Petit Palais”, next to the famous avenue of the Champs-Elysées. It is a great and interesting experience to share with your family. It is co-organized with the Tate Britain in London: a hundred of paintings were brought from England.  This number shows the importance of the exile and the extraordinary imagination of the painters, to create such a panel of paintings.

All of them are generally showing the Thames, a central point in the 19th century in business and industries. It was the crossroads of all the affairs that made London so popular and powerful at that period of history.

In Art, painters such as Money or Sisley, conveyed an industrial atmosphere, specific to this town. Or like Tissot, some painters preferred to show British culture in everyday life with gardens, nature, banal scenes which showed the specific traditions of this country.

Historical context:

Many paintings brought from London were by well-know artists like Money, Tissot or Pissarro who went to England at the time of the Commune that happened in 1871. This event and the French-German war in 1870 are the causes of the exile of many French painters. England was actually the best place to live, considered as a superpower country, with possibilities to work, to have more freedom of speech, action. Their arrival meant a great step into the modern life; it gave a fresh start to art, thanks to a new vision, in London.

Moreover, it was a great deal for the painters to go there because they had quick success but some of them were already famous like Daubigny, Tissot or Carpeaux. A lot of English collectors took advantage of the situation to buy paintings that were very original at that time. It gave them more self-confidence. For others, it was an important revelation regarding their art, like Legros or Dalou who became successful very fast. On the contrary, Money, Picasso and Sisley, the future impressionists of the time,  had more difficulties moving forward, even if they were helped by a merchant called Durand-Ruel who had many contacts but still…

I strongly advise to go and visit this exhibition which is open for another month. I really enjoyed it; I learnt a lot and it was a great opportunity to see gorgeous paintings and sculptures without having to travel around the world.






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