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Anna Leone, the Swe(eet)dish singer

September 14, 2018

Anna Leone is probably one of the rare Swedish artists to try a career in international music; she is starting to make herself a name on the stage. To put all chances on her side, she chose to compose and sing in English. Back on the girl you’ll hear a lot about in due course.

Born in Stockholm from a Guadeloupean father, Anna Leone has started composing her first guitar pieces when she was a teenager. Since then, all of her music looks like a mix of pop and Scandinavian folk, full of emotions she wants to deliver to her public. Her first single “My Soul I”,  revealed this young woman whose voice is soul but vulnerable at the same time. The clip offers you a sumptuous view on the Scandinavian landscapes she loves. As we easily guess by hearing her music, we can see that everything she writes seems very close to her, as in “My Soul I” which deals with acceptation and self-love.

During an interview, this artist said some more about herself; she told about her vow when she was young to give life to her guitar. She explained Lana Del Rey was one of her most favorite artists and influencer, especially with the hit “Video Games” she fell in love with. All the good feedbacks surprised her, people saying they felt really touched by what she wrote and how she had the power to take them in her particular world. Alone at night or with friends around a campfire, that’s the kind of music to evade and not think about anything else.

The young woman soon aged 24 also wrote “I never really”, which is more melancholic and regretful but still as melodic, and all the other pieces are just as wonderful. She can be proud today because she definitley gave life to her guitar. I just can’t say anything more but that you have to go hear her if you are a real music lover and RIGHT NOW !


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