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March 28, 2018

Since August 2017, the United Stades’ President, Donald Trump, has been saying that having the American army taking actions over the Venezuelan government is an actual option and also a way of getting rid of this country’s crisis.

The real question is: Will he really make such a move? Invading militarily a country is not an easy thing to do; if you want all your soldiers to move and attack people of another nation means that you are extremely interested in something there, something that you really want; what does Venezuela have that could make Trump act this way?

The reality is, Trump should not – and will not – invade Venezuela, this country does not have anything so valuable as to make the American military make such a move, but this does not mean that he cannot help the country from the outside by taking some actions. Since 2015 the USA has been sanctioning Venezuelan civil servants, cancelling their American bank accounts; but this has not made a difference in Venezuelan government, because we can see that the same people are still in power and have no intentions of getting out of there.

Maybe the USA would be interested in Venezuela because of its oil? Venezuela’s income comes from oil. Well, it seems like the Americans do not have enough financial interest in that to go seek this country.

As hard as it may seem, the Venezuelan government does not have anything that valuable to make other countries want to go there and invade them; it is just easier to let them fix their problems on their own.

Venezuelan people are waiting for a miracle, they need help, they just do not have options anymore. It seems like a lot of countries are interested in helping them, but they have not done enough. Venezuela is drowning each day, maybe it is not easy to help this country, but this needs to be done.




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