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India: an emerging country divided between a soaring economy and a mitigated social situation.

March 23, 2018

The Implusion of the BRICS : Mumbai, mirror of the country’s situation.

Taj Mahal in Agra, India

India is reaching a period of economic growth. Opening to the world, the whole country is building new infrastructures to better communicate with the rest of the planet. Its economic capital, Mumbai, is a real reflect of it. A new Airport, Santa Cruz, was created, but there are also many other projects to improve the exchanges of flows within the city, the country, and widerly, the world.  Indeed, a project of building 3 new Subway lines is ongoing with more than a dozen of stations connecting all Mumbai. We can also observe many CBD such as the Bandra Kurla complex, or Worli.

Its skyline has also changed with the presence of a lot of buildings and luxurious hotels or even luxurious towers such as the Antilla tower, the most expensive of the world owned by Mukesh Ambani, a famous business man.

The attractivity and dynamism of Bollywood is also a springboard for India’s economy. Located in Mumbai, its studios know a more flourishing activity than Hollywood : The Indian production makes more than 1000 every year whereas Hollywood makes aproximatively 800 movies.

However the other side of the coin shows a less attractive part of India. The caste system restrains a complete fulfilment of the country. The Dalit is a kind of outcaste Indian people, rejected by the population, meant to achieve the dirtiest chores, have the less valued jobs. They are sometimes even unpaid. Massacres against Dalits happen everyday in India. Furthermore, women are also the target in the country. Indeed, although considered as inferior, women try to gain their independence and happen to be more efficient at university than men. But the male population is acting even more violently for fear that they should lose their supremacy upon women.                          Sexism, which most of the time is characterized by gang rapes or killings and the phenomenon of caste segregation, is a real issue in India, stronger in the rural areas.

India is a soaring country, thanks to the benefits of globalization, but also struck by sexism and caste segregation which lead the population to a massive violent movement that parcels out people. However, women are trying to obtain a more assumed independence. We may wonder until when the caste system and all the violence it engenders will last.


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