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March 9, 2018


The LSD ( Lysergic acid Diethylamide) is a psychotropic hallucinogenic. Its active principle is a derivative of the rye ergot. It is one of the central nervous system disruptors. The use of this substance is prohibited everywhere.

History of the LSD:

The LSD was synthesized for the first time on 16th November 1938 at the Sandoz laboratories, in Bazel (Switzerland) by the chemists Arthur Stoll and Albert Hoffmann. On 19th April 1943, Hoffmann decided to experiment the effects of the LSD on himself. This was called the “bicycle ride”. Indeed, because of the war, cars were taken away so he went home by bicycle. Starting to panic, he drank milk, thinking he was poisoned. He described a state of anxiety and decorporation. But the doctor who inspected him only identified a mydriasis ( a dilatation of the pupils).            As early as 1951, an ancient US secret agent, Alfred Hubbard found interest in the LSD and showed its effects to the writer Aldous Huxley in 1955. He became a doctor and opened a clinic to cure people with LSD.

In the middle of the 1950’s, many articles relating to the LSD started to spread, considering it as a “miraculous drug”. So the use of this psychotropic began getting out of the medical framework.     This was the turning point that created the American counterculture. People of that time were from what we call the “beat generation”, then called the “hippies”.

The American counterculture:

It is a time period characterized by McCarthysm, the liberation of drug subjects and homosexuality, also the Vietnam war and the hippie movement.

This movement started in the 1950’s with the Beatnik movement also associated with hippies. This is a movement against the prejudices of the middle class, and the taboos of sex and drugs. Hippies organized parties where drugs were extolled.

The use:

It’s mostly taken orally with:

  • a small blotting paper decorated with many psychedelic drawings.
  • little drops in a tube
  • a piece of sugar
  • gelatin (called “gelat”)
  • a microtip ( LSD in a gastrosoluble wrap)

The effects:

The first effects are felt 30 or 90 minutes after the take. They depend on the feeling and the state of mind of the user. If he is anxious before taking this substance, he will have what is called a “bad trip”.

  • hallucinations
  • troubled perceptions of colors
  • paranoia sometimes
  • mydriasis (dilataion of the pupils)
  • hyperglycemia
  • euphoria
  • laughters
  • acceleration of the cardiac rythm
  • pilo-erection
  • hyperthermia (sweat)
  • synesthesia
  • it also makes the user reflect easily, faster
  • sensation of superpower, overkilling

The descent:

Once the effects vanished comes now the descent. It is characterized by tiredness, depressive symptoms.

Sometimes, it can enhance schyzophrenia on people affected by this illness, or create serious and durable psychatric accidents.

The LSD acts on the connection between the neurons and the central nervous system. It affects the regulation of many neurotransmitters. The molecules of LSD stick on the neuroreceptors of serotonin which explains the modified perception of the colors.

It also disrupts the ways of regulation of the glutamate, increasing it, which causes a real acceleration of the reflection. Then, it increases also the production of dopamin which creates a sensation of euphoria.

To conclude, LSD was at first considered as a medicinal product, but given its disastrous side effects, it has been banned by law because too dangerous. Will we soon discover that a daily product is going to face the same faith?


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