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After Mary, Jane the (new) virgin?

March 7, 2018

The protagonist of The CW TVshow Jane The Virgin: Jane Villanueva performed by Gina Rodriguez is a virgin not like the others.

She saw her life collapsed into a real telenovela. What would better fit her latino origins?  Thus, from Hispanic emigration, she lives with her mum and grandmother who is really pious whereas her mother Xiomara is an eternal child, switching partners as often as high heels. Jane follows literary studies to become a love story writer and the infernal trio, like real best friends, offers their life with no hypocrisy but a comic simplicity. This TV show dealing with common problems makes us put into perspective and escape from our humdrum routine. To watch with family or friends, or even on your own with an icecream; it is a delight to get a break and to relax. With a heavy-handed humour but just enough to make us light hearted.

Now let’s focus on the heart of the subject: the  mysterious title.  As a matter of fact Jane gets a perfect straight way of life and she keeps her beliefs; indeed she swore to keep her purity until marriage and never to get sexual activities until that moment. That is how we can understand how shoked she was when she discovered her pregnancy a few weeks before her wedding. Mixing police affair in the high Californian society, and family gossip, between hatred and love, upon sex and death, this  series inspired by a Venezuelian telenovela keeps us out of breath with  its suspense, and brings to tears out of sadness if not joy.

Nominated at the Golden Globes in 2015, waiting for the end of the fourth season to come on our screens; we definitely can say that Jane the Virgin is already a phenomenon in the USA close to spreading to the entire world. For instance in France it surpassed the audience of channels such as Gulli or France O. Moreover the appearance of celebrities such as Britney Spears or Eva Longoria, Tyler Posey increases the popularity of that TV show and you can be sure you will find some of your favorite actresses in it!


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