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Black Mirror

February 14, 2018

Black Mirror is a TV series which was released in 2011 by Charlies Brooker by Netflix.

You don’t have main characters because each episod focuses on one problem of our society. More precisely it unveils the link that Mankind has with the technology of nowadays.

The series falls into two categories: Science fiction(sci-fi) and drama. Like its name, sci-fi is a genre which defines  a new world mostly futuristic where technology is advanced. The aim of sci-fi is to raise people’s awareness of the danger of, not technology itself, but the way which mankind uses it in society.

The drama part deals with  the human behaviour which in most cases is led by technology.  I chose one episode of the series that I liked when I watched it because it is really close to our contemporary society.

It is the first episode of season 3 called  “Nosedive”.

The main character Lacie Pound lives to please others. People are rated from 0 to 5 according to the population. The better you are rated, the better you have benefits. To set an example every district is ranked among your rate. A disctrict can be  reserved for people who have  a rate higher than 3.5.  Lacie has 4.2 out of 5.  For Lacie, it isn’t enough she wants to have 5. Her brother on the contrary scorns this system. Lacie is in admiration in front of  her friend Naomi who got 4.6.  She hires a consultant to coach her to get there,  in order to make sure that every interaction with another person is good enough to earn their 5.0 rating.

Lacie is searching a new appartment because she doesn’t want  to share it with her brother anymore due to his indignation. Unfortunately, she has  to get more than  4.5 to have a reduction of rent. When Naomi called her to be her maid of honor she sees here the perfect opportunity to soaring her rate. However on the way she makes mistakes that plummeting her rate to 2.8 and when she manages to arrive at the reception, Naomi doesn’t want her here anymore. The only reason for Naomi was to improve her own rate. Lacie, despite  Naomi’s warnings, comes into the place; she is totally drank and starts to speak freely, she is arrested and she sent to jail.

I have been completely shocked when I saw this episode because this situation could be closer to reality than we think. Indeed we have already all this system of likes and followers on social networks with Instagram and Facebook. People are mostly  interested in how much people  suscribe to them. This phenomenon could become a reality in a few years.


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