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Joan Cornella

November 17, 2017

From July 1st to August 26th, Joan Cornella exhibited at the Arts Factory Gallery in Paris during his tour. It was the opportunity for the visitors to discover the world of this Spanish illustrator and cartoonist who became famous by turning with black humor society’s sensitive issues.

Joan Cornella started collaboration with Spanish newspapers before publishing his first album in 2009, Abulio. This work was very different from the comic strips which are exhibited today, in Paris. The drawings are in black and white, they are more realistic, there are dialogues.

Progessively, he gave up dialogues and introduced vivid colors.  He adopted a simplistic and purified style by following the rules af the American comic strips of 1930, and chose to use a more ironic way to denounce society’s issues. He started posting some of his works on the web and it quickly went viral.

His world is a mix between an infantile universe and an extreme violence. He proposes an absurd work which can laugh at everything and pushes back the boundaries of political correctness. He stages smiling characters with a cruel fate, in gory and glaucous situations such as suicide, infanticide, racism, disability, distortions and mutilations.

Through this gruesome universe, Joan Cornella denouces inequalities and violence of the time. He particularly attacks hypocrisy and the superficiality of the web, which, in his opinion, define our world, the narcissism of the digital life in search of the ultimate selfie.



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