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Veganism in America

November 10, 2017

You have probably noticed that Veganism is increasing quite fast in America.  According to a survey made in 2014, 6% of Americans identify themselves as vegans. But why is the number of American Vegans growing a little bit faster everyday  ? Can we consider this lifestyle as a trend or a philosophy of life ?

Fist of all, we need to clarify the notion of being «  vegan ». The website The Vegan Society defines veganism as  « A philosophy and way of living that seeks to exclude – as far as possible- all forms of exploitation of, cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose ; and by extension, promotes the development and use of animal-free alternatives for the benefit of humans, animals and the environment ». In other words, being vegan excludes the consumption of any animals or any animal by-products.

Saving the animal is the main reason why people are going vegan lately. Indeed, today, the agri-food industry is heartless and does not hesitate to torture and abuse  animals to make more profit. Vegan people do not think killing is justified and our animals deserve a proper life, respect and love. Animal mistreatment has gone too far.

This picture illustrates the production of foie gras of 2014 in Périgord, France. The lack of liberty is quite evident here; these geese have never seen sunlight in their entire life. Despite the fact that they basically can’t express natural behaviour, their cages are not hygienic and they are fed with meat that industry has thrown away and chemical products.

The meat production is not the only domain where animals suffer. Cows, for example, could live to well over 20 years of age, while on ‘dairy’ farms they are usually killed between 3-4 years of age when milk production is not considered as « profitable ». Cows become beef meat and are killed sooner. Is this fair ?

Is this fair ? Do animals deserve all these ill-treatments ?

 Moreover,  a vegan diet is often said to be healthier than regular meat based diet even if a lot of stereotypes surround veganism. All the nutrients ( and proteins) our body need is contained in vegan products. The most important is watching  how healthy our diet is, and maybe adapt it to our own needs and taste.  We often forget that meat hardens blood vessels, increases the risk of type 2 diabetes  and that the major part of the meat we find in grocery stores are full of additives and pathogenic bacterias, such as salmonella.

 Going Vegan is also a committement for the health of the planet. A lot of people fail to rember the environmental consequences linked to massive meat and diary production. It contributes to global warming, excessive pollution, deforestation, land degradation and species extinction.

 This is food for thoughts! 



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