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October 20, 2017


It’s in an eerie and crepuscular atmosphere that the great series Penny Dreadful finds its roots. Realeased in 2014, ended in 2016, the fantastic series directed by John Logan is a success. Everything is to be catchy and thrilling.


          Reeve Carney is Dorian Gray

In the role of Dorian Gray, Reeve Carney sets a weird atmosphere whenever his presence is required. Immortal, he has a taste for literature, gore sex, classic music and zoology.This atypical character is intriguing Vanessa all along the story by his strange and delicate manners but also his bestiality.

              Timothy Dalton is Sir Malcolm

Sir Malcolm is a strict character, emptied by the loss of his beloved daughter Mina; he sets off with Vanessa, the pursuit of the young woman among creepy and dangerous creatures.

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Eva Green is Vanessa Ives

Main character of the series, the enygmatic Vanessa is followed by dark creatures all the time. She herself is blackened by a sort of demon inside her. All along the story, she is torn apart between her two sides. Gnawed within by the disappearance of Mina, she tries to use the strength she has in her evil side to find her while leading the long and tumultuous quest against evil. She is the most interesting character by the affectations of her past on herself.


The creepy atmosphere of the series is made by the intertwining of many antithetical themes such as love and hate, or appearences and realities, but also by the macabre mood, mixed with fantastic apparitions. The recurrent theme which can refer to vanities would be facing and escaping death. The unpredictible hallmark of the characters’ tempers destabilize us and we never know who is going to die, except for the real main characters. There is a sort of a tragic aura all along the series, hypnotising the viewer.




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