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                                                                              Solidarity after the terrible earthquake in Mexico

October 13, 2017

On Tuesday 19th September, at 13 :14 local time,  the town of Mexico and other cities around  faced a huge earthquake of magnitude 7.1 in which 320 people died. This happened exactly 32 years after the last one which caused 10.000 deaths.

The epicenter of this earthquake was situated between Puebla and Morelos’ state at a depth of 51km. As a result of this, around 50 buildings, houses and even a school were knocked down; there was an explosion inside a building, the airport was closed for hours in order to check it. There was a chaotic atmosphere with tears, smoke and cries; people were in the street and could just see damages; a lot of videos were posted on the social medias to show the impacts of this event.

A few days later, we noticed an important impetus of solidarity between the Mexican population who gathered in order to help first aider and people in need; we noted many solidarity chains with food, water and equipments from the Mexicans to the survivors.

This solidarity looks like the one that occured 32 years before and transformed the social and political life of the country. Nowadays, it will also change the political life of Mexico because people remarked failures during this earthquake like alarms that did not trigger at the good time but after the beginning of the disaster  so people started to be wary about the government ; this will be at the advantage of  Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, the leader of the left party, in the coming elections (2018).



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