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West Coast of the United States

October 11, 2017

Two girls, one trip

Our trip to the west coast of the United-States

2 Girls, 2  friends, one trip. One travels by herself, with her family, the other in a camp. They made the trip of their lives, and we will tell you.

Last summer we crossed the West side of US.

Kim went to the USA  in a summer camp with the city of Boulogne by herself. She met some incredible people who have become friends. She left in July for 20 days, whereas Jeanne left in August for 20 days too.

Jeanne went with her parents and she met her older brother, Julien,  who has been living in San Francisco  for 6 months for an internship in a programme with his business school.

We both followed the same itinerary :

Los Angeles

“Unfortunately, I only crossed Hollywood Boulevard and saw the Hollywood panel from there. I loved sunbathing on Venice Beach. I felt like I was in Baywatch series. I really liked Santa Monica, which is, in my opinion, a representation of the melting pot of the US. There, you can find musicians,singers, dancers, skaters,tattoo makers… ” -Kim

“ I think it’s a nice place to stay for visiting studios or to see the ocean (Santa Monica, Venice Beach), but it’s too crowded. We spent most of our time in a car stuck in traffic. For me, crossing Hollywood boulevard is not really interesting it’s exactly like The Champs Elysée in Paris. However, we went to the Getty Center a foundation of art and it was really great” -Jeanne

the Getty Center, Los Angeles

Both of us were disappointed not to find Totally Spies in Beverly Hills, the series of our childhood 😦

Grand Canyon

“When you visit this canyon (and it was my first canyon ever visited), you feel like those orange mountains, those gigantic craters are just a poster, a wallpaper, a green background. This is sooo unrealistic, so huge to be true. We were so moved in front of this landscape that our coach called us the Japanese tourists because we stopped every 5 meters to take pictures.” – Kim

“ We saw an amazing sunset on the Grand Canyon and we had an “apéritif” in front of those giant mountains. We are full of memories because it was the most impressive sunset that we ever saw in our life.” – Jeanne

Bryce Canyon

“Definitely my favorite place on the west coast. I went for the sunset and it was really beautiful calm and quiet. We walked a lot in this canyon because there are so many hiking trails, and you don’t feel the time pass ” -Jeanne

“The crossing of this canyon was a real hike… and I loved it. Even if the warmth (about 40°C)  was difficult to deal with, it was worth it. And when you finally reach the top of the canyon, you discover all the road you have just walked… Impressive” -Kim

Antelope Canyon

“My favorite canyon of those 3. The fact that we could enter the Canyon, climb on the rocks, accompanied by a ninja guide who takes your phone, puts the Chrome filter on and takes strange positions to get a picture so beautiful that you can only find it on a Window wallpaper, was gorgeous”- Kim

Death Valley

“ The hottest place of the world it’s not an overstatement. It was 120°F (=49°C). It was really impressive, the landscape was lunar, you really feel alone and in the middle of nowhere, especially when you see a rattlesnake ” – Jeanne

“Personally it was too hard to bear. When you are on a bus for 6 hours and the driver told you that he had to stop the air conditioning because it’s forbidden in Death Valley (for ecological reasons) it’s the last straw. The car was basically as hot as a furnace. Even the air of the Death Valley (47°)was cooler than the inside of the bus!!!” -Kim

Yosemite Park

“Probably one of my favorite places of the West Coast. This place is sooo quiet and relaxing. When you reach the “mountain” you feel like you’re on the top of the world. The Sequoia trees were endless and beautiful to admire. After crossing the Death Valley, Yosemite Park was my breath of fresh air.” -Kim

“ When I went to Yosemite Park it was foggy at first because there were lots of fires in the state. Sequoias were burnt but it was great to see these impressive mountains in the middle of the forest” – Jeanne

Las Vegas

“ cool place to gamble and party if you are 21, but both of us are not :)” -Jeanne

“I agree with Jeanne, LV was cool, festive much more at night. I particularly liked the Freemont Street, a covered Street, which was full of concerts, Casinos… I have even seen people on a zip line! This Street makes me think of Times Square” -Kim

San Francisco

“ I love San Francisco, it’s really a nice place where you can visit too many things; no district looks like the other. I went to Alcatraz island it was so stunning, I didn’t feel really secure but it was really a great visit” – Jeanne

“Sadly, I didn’t spend a lot of time in SF. People told me that I would love SF and it was true. This city has a kind of European influence. You can find little housing development typical of the USA suburbs” Kim

To conclude : Both of us have loved our trip to the West Coast. It was a gorgeous experience, which made us grow up and discover new cultures and new horizons. If you have some doubts about going to the USA, don’t hesitate and go for it; it’s worth it ! 🙂

Written by Jeanne and Kim


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