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Today’s nuclear situation

October 6, 2017

“We will have no choice but to totally destroy North Korea” President Donald Trump at the U.N.

The relationship between North Korea and the USA has been for the past weeks a burning topic.

US President Donald Trump delivered a speech at the U.N’s tribune in response to the North Korean nuclear tests. Indeed, Pyongyang claimed on September 3rd that they managed to create a hydrogen bomb, meant to be assembled on a rocket. Japan even stated a few days before that missiles were shot overhead their borders.  The diplomatic standoff has been on for weeks now and it is not reassuring, given that it involves the rest of the world. We can assume that calling out Kim Jong Un “Rocket Man” in front of the whole world wasn’t Donald Trump’s most brilliant idea.


The U.N.’s summit has also triggered other nuclear issues, such as the Iran treaty that needs to be reviewed, according to US Secretary Rex Tillerson, because Iran has lately tried to subvert it. The treaty stipulates that Iran isn’t allowed to create any nuclear weapons while the international sanctions against Iran are suspended.

Some experts think that Trump is going too far in his strategy to frighten North Korea. Others consider that it is the only way to establish a balance of power between the two giants. Last time the U.S. was this close to a nuclear war with another powerhouse was during the Cold War. Both of the countries set against a different economic and political model.

North Korea became communist during the Cold War by siding with the U.S.S.R. This dictatorship is now blaming Trump for starting a war. 

Let’s hope the two leaders will recover their cool and not lead the world into a nuclear war.


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