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Le Procope

April 27, 2017

Le Procope is one of the oldest restaurants in Paris, which was created in 1686 by Francesco Procopio, a Sicilian immigrant. He arrived in France in 1670 and named his restaurant after his own name. The place quickly became very popular, particularly with the great literary figures of that time.

The philosophers Voltaire and Rousseau used to often go to the restaurant, and their respective tables still remain today. Other philosophers such as Diderot and Montesquieu went to the Procope. The legend says that Benjamin Franklin wrote some articles of the American Constitution in this restaurant.  During the French Revolution in 1789, a lot of revolutionaries went to this place, such as Danton, Marat and Robespierre. This is where the Phrygian cap was first exhibited. Rumor has it that Napoleon I, when he was a soldier, gave his hat in exchange for a coffee in the restaurant. That hat is still exposed at the entry of the restaurant. The Romantics used to go a lot to this place, such as Victor Hugo, Alfred de Musset and Théophile Gauthier. After that, a lot of literary figures went to this place, such as the poet Verlaine, or Anatole France.

Now, the Procope is a beautiful restaurant full of history with a lot of revolutionary documents, paintings and pictures of important figures of the French history and literature. It is a lovely place, and the food tastes amazing. It is an incredible experience to have, being in a place where so many important people went.


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