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March 25, 2017

This summer I went to Malta, an English speaking country. Landscapes are beautiful.

At the beginning I was a little bit disappointed concerning  the beach because I was expected sandy beaches as other islands in the Mediterranean sea (Corsica for example) which is not the case. In fact, in Malta,  sand is very uncommon and there are not really beaches as we know them;  it is hard to describe as it is made of some rock formations.  Finally I found it better because you don’t have sand everywhere afterwards, so it is practical.

The main city is Valletta. It is interesting to visit because it is really different from the other places and there is kind of a medieval aspect and a great view on the countryside.  Though Malta is a little island, we can have several landscapes which is a good thing.

Moreover,  Malta is known for its parties and night clubs. There is an area in St Julian named Paceville where we can find a street just with night clubs and there are free.  During the summer, however, I would not recommend it for people who are about 30 years old,  because there is a lot of teenagers.  In order to enter the club you have to be 17 years old, consequently people in it are “young”.  We can also find some other more selective parties where the age is not so low: boat party, pool party… It is very exciting and in all the parties (even in night clubs) I mentioned, the atmosphere is good and we can easily meet other persons.  But you have to pay attention if you are a girl, and above all it is important to be careful and reasonable with the drinks.

If you travel to Malta, I really advise you to go to Comino. It is the most beautiful place I have ever seen. On the one hand you can see the clear blue water and when you turn around you can observe an arid area with cacti: it is amazing and wonderful.  You can also visit Sicily for a day because it is not far from the Island.

As far as food is concerned, the culture is close to Italy because of the geographical aspect: the food is delicious and not very expensive. Actually, the life in Malta is not as expensive as the life in France or in England for example.

To conclude, I really advise you to visit the country because it is not expensive and honestly very amazing.

Have a nice trip!!!


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