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The Neighbourhood

March 16, 2017

The NBHD is an American group of Indie-rock, formed in 2011 at Thousand Oaks, California. Their texts are full of emotions (very various such as anger, love, suspicion, sadness…)

5 people are part of the band : Jesse James Rutherford (singer), Jeremy Freedman and Zach Abels (guitar players), Michael Margott (bass player) and Brandon Fried (drums).

They made a first album named I Love You in 2013 and a second one Wiped Out ! in 2015.

Those albums are quite known by their fans, but there is also a third one, which is a mixtape named #000000 & #FFFFFF (that means black and white in computer language) which is pretty awesome.

Their most famous song is “Sweater Weather”, which deals with adventure and California state, the way they live and the way they travel; still with big emotion.

Female Robbery” is one of my favorites (because I can’t choose only one) : This song leads to different interpretations and I suggest you to listen to it before reading some of them.

My opinion is that this song is about depression and real loneliness. The darkness and scare inspired by the blackness of the souls of people suffering in the inside of their minds.

Through these songs, I read an authentic message, and I feel myself a little better while listening. We can identify ourselves with the sayings and it’s really great to know that our feelings are kind of understood somewhere.

But not everyone can appreciate this kind of dark Indie music, it is really specific and somehow unforgettable. The NBHD doesn’t sound like any other band, and the little ounces of resentment we identify in the tracks, make them absolutely unique.

If you want to discover The NBHD, I suggest that you listen to the 5 following songs which are, in my opinion, the best :

  • Lurk
  • Afraid
  • Cry Baby
  • Let It Go
  • Flawless
  • Daddy Issues
  • The Beach

Sorry, I couldn’t restrain myself to only 5 of them.

Anyway, I think the songs talk by themselves and convey a different message, depending on who is listening. So the best is to give it a try and make your own opinion.


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