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March 11, 2017

A few days ago, I bought a book I was thrilled to read : Point Final by William Lafleur.


Monsieur le Prof, qui vient de sortir un livre en forme d'agenda, espère garder son anonymat le plus longtemps possible.

Monsieur le Prof, qui vient de sortir un livre en forme d’agenda, espère garder son anonymat le plus longtemps possible.


William Lafleur (which is a fake name) is an anonymous 27-year-old teacher, famous on Twitter and Facebook. He spends a lot of time writing funny stories about school, his pupils, the cafeteria or even the other teachers. Under the pseudo “Monsieur Le Prof”. He never allowed us to really know who he is, he also never showed us any picture of himself. He is followed by more than 200 000 people on each Twitter (@MsieurLeProf) and Facebook.

This book is related to a blog he wrote years ago : he was living alone in a foreign country and only saw his family and friends by the screen. That made him think that they were living without him, he decided to turn this into a story.

He also wrote a second book but this one is less serious, and more about his teaching profession. He did other journeys, including writing some other blogs (Bon j’me casse). He is a really active man despite his teaching profession in a Parisian banlieue high school.

The story, here it is : A man who decides to fake his own death. But before that, he had to put microphones and cameras everywhere in the house so he could observe the actions and the reactions of his family. He wanted to know how they would live with the knowing of him dead.

This plot is really great: it is original and moving. We are attracted by the sensitivity of the main character who tries to keep his own humanity after his death. He considers this as immortality and paradoxically, can’t even enjoy it.

Here is an Amazon link if you want to discover this book :

Thanks for reading, and I hope you’ll like it, on a couch and with a warm cup of coffee !


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