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Rumanian demonstrations

March 6, 2017

On 1st February 2017, about 300 000 Rumanians were marching on the street because of a law that will alleviate the sanctions in case of corruption. Actually, these law were not supposed to be presented in front of the parliament. It was just the decision of the government, because they knew that it would never be accepted. Marches like that, have never been seen, since the fall of the dictator Nicolae Ceaucescu in 1989.

These demonstrations pointed out the new vision of the Rumainians owing to the fact that corruption has always existed  in the country.


demonstrators asking for “a government without corruption”

Furthermore, this is also important because if they elected this president it was, first of all, to fight against corruption problems which happen in Rumania. As an exemple, previously, even if you deserved it, you had to pay for the obtaining of your degree or other sort of diplomas.  That shows that they do not want such a thing anymore. Moreover, these marches lasted for days in Bucarest (main city in Rumania).


This situation is unusual because these people do not have in their culture to be revolted and to denounce openly the government and its law. That shows progress in Rumanians’ minds. Consequently, after a week, the government decided to abrogate this bill due to the fact that they do not want to separate the population into two camps. But that was not enough for Rumanians; they were very angry and they wanted to change government. In fact, its reputation will be affected and it will not be livable anymore. That is the reason why, among others, Florin Jianu, the minister of Commerce took the decision to resign.


Currently, the situation in the capital city has quieted down a little but the problem is clearly not solved yet.


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