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Agnès Martin-Lugand: one of my favorites modern authors

March 4, 2017

Agnès Martin-Lugand:


First of all, I discovered Agnès Martin-Lugand’s books 2 years ago when I had to buy (a lot of) books for my 20 day-road trip in California in America during the holidays.


I found her book called Entre mes mains le bonheur se faufile (= between my hands happiness weaves in and out) in a library and I remembered that I really loved the summary on the last page:  the novel  is about Iris, a young woman who is totally fascinated by the couture, drawing her own models and giving them life with a needle and a thread.  This is her passion, it is what she lives for and what makes her  happy.  Unfortunately, her parents didn’t see this passion the same way and obliged her to do financial studies. So, Iris is upset, disappointed and has a banal life in the French countryside with a husband who doesn’t even pay attention to her. But one day she has the chance to go to Paris to study and work in a fashion workshop.  Her new life begins with many adventures and several meetings with different persons who will impact her life. With the portrait of a young woman searching for her identity and her real passion,  this novel drives us into a diabolical adventure, and like the heroine, the reader can’t get away from it.

I really loved this book as I can, in a way, identify myself with the main character; as a fashion lover since my youngest years, this novel has really touched me and helped me to reach my goals and make sure I will follow studies corresponding to my passion: Fashion.  But I was the only “artist” in my family and my parents were not very enthusiastic about my projects after high school, i.e integrate a fashion school in Paris or abroad. I would definitely recommend this book to everyone who loves the amazing world of fashion and to those who want to know more about it. You will discover the atmosphere and the feelings of working in a Parisian workshop.

Then the second book I read from this author is the first tome of a series of 2 novels:


  • The first one is called Les Gens heureux lisent et boivent du café (= happy people read and drink coffee). The story is about a woman, Diane, who has suddenly lost her husband Collin and her daughter Clara in a car accident. Since this tragic event , Diane cannot do anything apart from crying and wearing her husband’s clothes: hopefully, her best friend Felix is by her side and decides  that she needs  to go on a trip to free her mind and start a new life.  Even if she was against this idea, she moves to Ireland  in a really small village where she rents a big house next to the beach. Thus, she discovers  new landscapes, and meets new  persons that we will follow during the whole book.

Even if the literary style is not as elegant as other authors, this book is wonderful. The reader really takes part of the story and is captivated by the characters (I can tell, I finished this book in one day and one night as I really loved it); he can imagine the lanscapes as the main character goes all along the story and can feel  Diane’s emotions. I really enjoyed this novel because of the very endearing characters, of  their personalities  and beacause  of the atmosphere that pervades the whole story; at the beginnig there is a mourning atmosphere as Diane tells what happened to her family and then, as she is evolving and changing, the atmosphere becomes livelier and livelier, lighter and more favorable for Diane’s recovery.


  • Then, the second book of the series is called La vie est facile, ne t’inquiète pas (= don’t worry, life is easy). This novel is the sequel of the latter. Thus we discover Diane’s life a year after her return from Ireland. She has succeeded in forgetting the relation she had with Edward to start anew in the capital. With the help of Felix, she restarts her project of a literary café and meets Olivier, a nice and caring man who understands the fact that she can’t have children anymore. But, some unpredictable events occur and disturb the woman by questioning the choices she made and may change her life forever.


In this sequel, the reader discovers a new part of Diane, a working girl and a fighter in everything; she is totally changed by Olivier and it feels good. Indeed, through her love story we have access to what she feels and what she regrets. I really enjoyed this second book as I was engrossed in the story and was captivated by the different things that happened to this woman.

I would definetly recommend you to read, at least, one of Agnès Martin-Lugand’s books. They are amazing and captivating, they are perfect to feel different emotions and not to feel lonely with our daily struggles 😉


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