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Demain tout commence

January 30, 2017


Demain tout commence is a French movie released by Hugo Gélin on December, 7th 2016. The famous French actor Omar Sy has the lead role, Samy, and plays next to the young new actrice Gloria Colston and Clémene Poésy.


actors-director-demain-tout-commence                    Hugo Gélin                        Omar sy                               Clémence Poésy                  Gloria Colston


Samuel lives a life without any ties or responsibilities, at the water’s edge, in the South of France, next to people he loves and works without too much pain, until the day when one of his old conquests leaves him a baby : Gloria, his daughter. Incapable of taking care of her and determined to give her back to her mother, he goes to London to try and find her, without any success. Eight years later, while Samuel and Gloria have settled down in London and become inseparable, Gloria’s mother comes back in their life to take her daughter back.


Public’s opinion

Most of the critics are positive. Indeed, people were nicely surprised by the capacity to pass from tears to laughter easily. At the beginning it’s more a comedy, a funny movie but then there is an important dramatic aspect, it becomes a deeply touching movie with a lot of emotions.

However, there are also some negative critics. In fact, some people slag the movie off because of too much artifice which don’t allow true and deep emotions.


Press reviews:

Reviews are also mostly positive : reporters noticed the freshness brought to the French cinema; they appreciated the idea, the funny and also dramatic aspect of the movie, how the director juggled with those genres. Journalists were just here to have a  good time and not go to too much trouble.

Nevertheless, there are still some awkwardness with the directing, and some hesitations between laughter and tears.






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