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Teenage music bands

January 28, 2017

Nowadays, a lot of teenagers like to create their own rock bands in which they play their instruments. In many cases the band  is composed  of a singer, a guitarist, a bassist and a drummer.  This can help to improve their musical skills. Moreover, for me this is a way to escape from the school life and all its problems, because when they are playing music, there are in their world and they are just thinking of creating songs and having fun with some friends. Having a band could also help their self-confidence because then they can succeed in what they do and their work can be rewarded. They are, indeed,  proud when they show their work to other people.

In France,  a kind of festival exists for the teenage bands (amateur) this is called Emergenza. The winner gets the chance to participate in the international  festival  which takes place in Germany.


Here is an example of a music created by a French band named the Shuttles :

French people like to write in English so their creation can help them improve their learning of this foreign language. They can also work on their stress by playing in concert in front of hundreds of people. Personally I think that this is really a great thing to do when you are in high school or in college for example because that could permit you to escape from life. The only disadvantage is maybe the fact that this requires a lot of time; time that you need for work.


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