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Horse riding

January 26, 2017

Horse riding, also known as equestrianism is often just considered  as an activity. In fact horse riding gathers a lot of different things. Indeed, we can ride only for pleasure in the woods, for example, or on the beach with a friend or with family.


What is good in riding is that you are in symbiosis with the horse and you learn how to control this great animal and to get a good relation with him. In the “classical” equestrianism, you have the dressage: you have to do some figures with your horse and you learn to know him more. That is the most important thing in this discipline. You also have the jumping. It is maybe the most famous one. When you jump you have the feeling of having wings. It is amazing because you get a lot of adrenalin. To finish, a third discipline exists that is considered as the most dangerous one because you have a lot of speed in a grand space. It is the most impressive to watch and to do. This is the cross. The three disciplines are represented in competition by the name of three-day event (cross, jumping and dressage).


A lot of people don’t understand that horse riding is a real sport. For them, the horse is doing all the work. That is absolutely not the case. This is a very technical sport. You have to think of everything: your gaze, your attitude and especially your back or your arms, the position of your legs; you use them a lot… Moreover, we have to keep in mind that it is a dangerous sport (particularly in cross) and that we have to be protected by some special clothes and a helmet.


In Rio, in 2016, took place the Olympic Games and in horse riding the French won a lot of prices such as the gold medal in three-day event (in team), in jumping (in team) and a silver medal in three-day event in individual for the young Astier Nicholas.  We can hope that these victories will help to create some attractivity to the sport and a kind of recognition of the fact that equestrianism is a real sport.





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