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New kind of taxi in Paris

January 21, 2017


Next spring, a new kind of taxi is about to come out in Paris. Those taxis will be on the Seine, the river that crosses Paris. They are called “bubbles”, and will allow us to cross Paris faster and cheaper than with a traditional taxi. Flying cars are not sci-fi anymore.

They will allow four passengers plus one driver in it. Under the body, there will be two wings propulsed by two electric motors. When they start, they take off just a little bit. They still touch the water but they are using little energy because the friction with water is reduced by 40%, and they just need to go to their pier to load thanks to solar panels and underwater turbines, so this is a very ecological means of transport.


Alain Thébault, the inventor of the “bubble”, wanted it to be affordable, so it may be cheaper than a normal taxi. The construction of the prototype started in October, and those new vehicles will arrive next spring on the Seine. They are supposed to make you cross Paris in 15 minutes. This is a great innovation that would save Parisians from the traffic, and will not pollute the city; moreover, it will probably be a nice means of transports for tourists. Anne Hidalgo, the mayor of Paris declared “Presumably in March, I will get into a Sea Bubble. I know how to swim, but I am confident.”


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