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EURO 2016 in France

January 5, 2017

Last summer’s event in France


As all football lovers know, every 4 years, the Euro (football competition) takes place in a European country for 1 month. This year, it took place in France (yay!) and all the games were allocated to different cities across the country; for example, some games were in Paris, the capital (of course :)) at the Stade de France and le Parc des Princes, some others in Marseilles at le Velodrome, in Nice, Saint-Etienne, Bordeaux, Lens, Toulouse…

The competition  firstly started with the pools selections which were composed of 3 phases  of 4 or 5 games.  Indeed the French team opened the competition on Friday June 10th against Romania and the final score was 2-1. Of course, a ceremony was organized as France was the welcoming country; we had the chance to have the famous French Dj David Guetta and the Swedish singer Zara Larsson to animate the show, accompanied by 600 dancers who did a choreography on the theme “Bienvenue en France” (Welcome to France)  which lasted 10 minutes and aimed to highlight the qualities of our great country 🙂


The show was pretty good and it gave a very festive atmosphere in the stadium which encouraged the players on the field. I had the chance to attend this first game with my cousin and we were in the best part of the stadium: the one with the French supporters who were very excited about the game and the competition started.



It was a wonderful and incredible time and we saw that French people were proud of their team and, of course, wanted to win! And it happened.

Then, after this first game, the 3 phases took place and so the teams which won were selected for the 8th final. It started on June 25th with a game which opposed Switzerland and Poland, and France played on June 26th in Lyon against Ireland and we won 2-1; it was a great game. The selected teams for the quarter final were: Poland, Portugal, Belgium, Wales, Germany, Italy, France and Iceland.  The French supporters were very proud of their team as during the last competition it didn’t do great results; it was a big surprise for everyone when we saw the French team in Quarter final.

As you may know, the French game took place in the Stade de France on July 3rd and the team was opposed to Iceland. This game was exceptional ! We won 5 to 2 which is unbelievable! The players of both teams were motivated and in good form during the game thanks to the crowd applauses and screams which made the game very interesting to watch.


I also went to this game with my family and my best friend and we were again in the best part of the stadium; I remember very well this moment, my best friend and I were so excited and happy to be there. We can say that this game was the best one of the competition in terms of goals and atmosphere 😉

After the qualification of the French team, the hope of going to final was really big for the supporters but also for the team. This year was the year of surprises for football; the French team really amazed us and gave us some hope about the future of this great group.  Then, the semi-finals took place on July 6th and 7th: France played against Germany on July 7th in the Velodrome in Marseilles. It was a very good game with a nice atmosphere and a great technique from both teams (but France was better as we won 2-0 ;)).  After this game, everything came very quickly; the media went crazy as everybody talked about the achievement of the French team.; to be in final of the Euro 2016!


So finally, on Sunday 10th July, the Stade de France in Paris welcomed the final game as it welcomed the first one. A ceremony was organized aswell  with David Guetta and Zara Larsson, and of course all the dancers were there. Moreover, the captain of the Spanish team 4 years ago, Xavi presented the trophey of the competition.

The game was very stressful and exciting too; supporters of both teams were very happy and excited about seeing their country in final. The atmosphere was so festive and everybody was fine and into the game but we could feel a little bit of anxiety too as this game was very important.


The Portugese team played well and the French too but it was not enough; indeed we lost 0-1. At the end of the game, one part of the stadium was silent; the French supporters were angry and crying as we had a lot of hope in our team and we couldn’t believe in our defeat. On the contrary, the Portugese fans were extremely happy and held their colors very proudly in the stadium: it was the first time the Portugese team had won a competition. I also had the chance to attend this game, and I was very sad about France’s defeat. I must admit that I believed in our team winning the Euro but maybe we thought it would be too easy to play against the Portugese and were less concentrated; indeed the surprise was really big as the Portugese won in extra time (which is not really the game by the way).

To conclude, this competition was very good in terms of football technicity but also very festive and human for the atmosphere. The games were places of exchange and communication between the different supporters which gave a good atmosphere in general. I really appreciate the Euro and I am very proud of our French team 🙂


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