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The places to see for Christmas

December 19, 2016

As you know, Christmas is getting close and with it, the Christmas’ decorations. French cities are going to dress up as usual for this occasion. And we are going to suggest beautiful places to you.


Paris, the capital, is a very beautiful city for Christmas. Here is a little summary of those places you have to go to to enjoy this magical Christmas atmosphere.

The “Galeries La Fayette” on the Boulevard Haussmann  

For a few years, the shop windows of the Galeries La Fayette are decorated with a particular theme for Christmas. This year, the theme is extra polar Christmas. So you can see since November 8th polar bears under special lights in the shop windows, a big white Christmas tree by Lorenzo Papace in the Galeries. Some activities are suggested like seeing Santa Claus or doing workshops. I let you see some pictures of it.



The “Champs Elysées”
Known as the most beautiful avenue in the world, the Champs Elysées are decorated for Christmas since November 21st. Teddy Riner inaugurated those decorations. The trees are decorated with lights which are inspired by the mechanism of the shooting stars. Moreover, there is a Christmas market which is the most famous in Paris. You can buy French homemade products like foie gras. As in the Galeries La Fayette, you can meet Santa Claus. And there is also an ice rink on the “Champs de Mars” which is accessible from December 15th to January 3rd.



The Christmas market at La Défense

You can also go to the Christmas market at La Défense if you want to taste the atmosphere of the one in Strasbourg. (that we are going to discover later in this article). But it stays different from Strasbourg’s Christmas market. You can find international products and sometimes not related to Christmas. Go there in the evening. You are going to see the illuminated buildings around La Défense !)


The Christmas Market Of Strasbourg :

(Click on the link below to see a complete visit of a Christmas Market in Strasbourg)

In the Alsacian city of Strasbourg (North-East of France, next to the German border) Chritsmas time is a real tradition. It’s even considered sacred for everyone there. In November, people start to decorate their houses with little Santas, lightened moons… I remember as a child, I liked to see all those Santas hanging on a window sill or standing in a garden. Strasbourg is named the “Capital of Christmas”.


Strasbourg is a big city, so you can find a lot of Christmas markets. The most famous one is named the Christkindelsmärik and is located on the Place Broglie. It’s the biggest one. It stands from November 25th to December 24th. Each year, 2 million of visitors go to Strasbourg to experiment it.

Inside the Christmas Market, you walk among little houses in which you can buy… absolutely anything !

It goes from Glühwein to Bretzels, from food to little presents for your family. The atmosphere is warm and friendly: indeed the sellers talk to you a lot, ask you some questions and most of all wish you a Merry Christmas.


It is a great idea to spend some time there with your friends, walking quietly on the pathway and admiring all the lights and decorations.

A piece of advice: try the Bredele cakes, they are various little Christmas cakes, typical of Alsace and absolutely delicious !

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !

Mathilde and Fanny


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