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The American elections

December 1, 2016

Reaction to Trump’s and Clinton’s campaigns:


Trump’s meetings have attracted many people. But some of those meetings were marked by incidents and violence between Trump’s supporters and protesters. Indeed, Trump has been accused of inciting violence at his meetings. Many violent altercations have been listed between Hillary’s and Trump’s supporters. Trump has said some controversial statements about Muslims, Mexicans, women, journalists and his rival Hillary Clinton, whom he wanted to imprison if he was elected. Lots of people were shocked by his words, but others were admiring his honesty.

Melania Trump, Donald Trump’s wife, also added controvesy to his campain in one of her speeches in which she was copying word for word one of Michelle Obama’s speeches of 2008. During his campain, Trump has stirred a controversy on the social media, where he was discredited and hated by many people. Indeed, Trump has been a reality TV star and a billonaire without any political experience, unlike his rival Hillary Clinton.

However, Clinton has been controversial too. Indeed, the FBI have been investigating about some emails, which made her popularity rating decrease. Moreover, she wasn’t that much appreciated by the Americans as she had had a lot of scandals  during all her political career. Moreover, her husband’s scandals also stained her reputation; she has an image of cold and distant woman, who belongs to the political elite. Despite all her efforts to change her image and all the support of stars and  the European countries, she didn’t succeed and many people who voted for her did it to avoid Trump’s election.


Reaction on election day:

Just before the American elections, China gave its opinion about what would happen. For Beijing, it did not matter who would win because for them “the United States is sick”. For them, it will not be a “victory of the democracy” but “one of the worst pages of 200 years of historical presidential elections in America”.

On the D-Day, the Democrats’ candidate Hillary Clinton was at the top of the surveys with 45.3% against 42% for Trump. The Republicans’ candidate had only once been ahead of her in  the surveys and it was in July. Moreover, the American Newspaper USA today took part,for the 1st time, in inviting people to “vote against Trump”. In the newspaper Miami Herald they invited to vote for “her” and “not him”. They simply added “enough said”.


People, in general were displeased with both candidates. Some people would not vote because they said that if Clinton became president, they would be at war with Russia against Iran. And if it was Trump, the Blacks’ living conditions would become difficult.

On the frontpage of the New York Times, we can see that they cannot bear this election anymore : “After a Long and Bitter Compaign, Voters Get Their Say”.

In Saudi Arabia, they don’t know which one will be better: they are against Obama because he was too much of an interviensionist and Clinton thought the same and on the other hand Trump is islamophobic, hates foreigners and takes pride in his sexual aggression.

In Russia, the fact that Trump was elected is great and they are thrilled. Trump and Putin seem to be close. Europeans and Saudi Arabians think that this alliance is a bad thing for Syria, Afghanistan… because they are still really powerful and an alliance between these two powers could cause some damages such as many more bombs sent onto these countries/ cities. The thing that frightens people the most concerning this alliance is the fact that both are for the nuclear weapon. Consequently, they are afraid of a third world war against Isis for example, but this time it would be much more violent.

Moreover, people all around the world (including America) think that because of Trump, in about 2 years, they will not be leading the world anymore, and that China or Russia will be at the top.


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