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American University of Paris

November 5, 2016

I’m going to talk about, I hope, my future college next year named AUP (American University of Paris).

This college is based in Paris, next to the Champ de Mars and the Eiffel Tower ( 7th district of Paris).

One of the university’s slogan is “Paris is your campus”. Indeed, there is not one building but 7 different buildings  in the same block in Paris, they are around 5 minutes to each other, in there you have many classes, places to study on your own and a lunch room with sofas and bars sometimes music…


                                  admissions building                                                       classes building

Moreover, this university proposes many different classes in many different sectors : communication, journalism, fashion, business, law, art history… and all the classes are in English!

During your second year, you have the right to choose what classes you want and it can be totally varied like fashion class and then law class in the same day. You also choose how many classes you want and consequently your timetable can be very busy or conversely quite free.

Then, about student’s life, there are many associations in partnership with some labels like UNICEF, and they propose you some missions; also associations of students to help each other for complicated classes; you can also be a part of a cinema group or photography group where many different equipements are provided.

What is very interesting is that 60% of the students are Americans, and only 12% are French students and the rest are from all around the world ( Morocco, Bulgaria..) which allows a wide cultural diversity in the same classes, in the university. It also permits students to perfect their English and to finally become bilingual at the end of their university years.

To be accepted, if you’re not American, you need a test like the Cambridge or the Toefl. They just want to see the level of each student and according to their results, the unversity proposes some English classes to improve your English and be able to follow perfectly the classes.

This university is totally based on the American model; it’s like being in an American school but in Paris. But the downside is that the university is quite expensive. Nevertheless, you can gradually reduce the fees by being involved in the life of the college.


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