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Guns in the United States

October 15, 2016

The Second Amendment to the United States’ constitution is “the right to keep and bear arms”. In fact, America is a state controlled by fear and it’s been the case  since their construction and their independence .


As a result, it is a real problem in this country: there are indeed a gap between the pro-gun and the anti-gun.

Let’s take the example of Starbuck’s coffee. This is a transnational firm. The CIO published an article in which he asked his customers not to enter his shop with guns in order to respect the others and to be in a peaceful ambiance. Indeed, for the CIO, Starbuck is a place where you can relax yourself between  work and home.

Unfortunately, this request was just carried out for 24 hours due to the boycott of the pro-guns in his café.


The problem is that it is a sensitive subject in the United States: Barack Obama tries to deal with it but he can’t really find the words to approach this. Obviously, the pro-guns do not agree with the ban on guns even in the public area.

This question could not be resolved by the fist presidential mandate due to the fact that they clearly want to be reelected at the next election and if they prohibit guns they are sure that they are not going to be chosen again. It goes without saying that it will separate the country into two clans. Moreover, another problem is that they refuse to modify the Bill of Rights considered as the core of the nation.

The “right to keep and bear arms” is more and more contentious because we can notice a lot of gunfires. Indeed, the law is different according to the states in which you live: for example in Illinois, it is really complicated to obtain a “gun license” while it is easy in Montana among other things.

To conclude, I will add a “weird example”: Kinder eggs are forbidden because of the toy inside (kids could die with it) while you can have a firearm without any problem!


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