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Never skinny enough

October 8, 2016

It was at the beginning of the year 2016, the model Victoire Maçon Dauxerre created the controversy with her book which denounces the diktat of the thinness in the fashion world. In her book, she tells  her story with this twisted world and what it imposes.
She was 18 years old when she was accepted in a model-agency. She was tall already. But she had to lose weight to participate in the fashion shows. She was eating less and less until she weighed 103 lbs (47 kg). So she began to fall into the vicious circle of anorexia. She was thinner and thinner but she found herself fatter and fatter and awful. She was locked in a depreciation of herself  because of the photographs which were edited all the time. The models were beautiful just for their thinness. But, one day, her mother walked into the bathroom and saw her daughter skinny as never before. She forced Victoire to eat and to gain weight. She finally left this world and gave up her life as a model.
Following this event, a publisher offered Victoire to write a book on her story about anorexia, her vision of the fashion-world, etc. She said : “There’s a real code of silence in the industry.” But the fact that she broke this silence made the situation evolve. Some laws were adopted because of her story to ban any model who was in under-nutrition.

Dauxerre was battling anorexia, eating three apples a day and sipping diet colas SOURCE TWITTER/IEXPRESS
We can see two photos of Victoire. The first one was taken when she was anorexic, the second a few months after her departure from the fashion-world. We can see a significant difference between the two images. She looks healthier in the second one and much happier.

Unfortunately, her story isn’t a special case. A lot of models suffer from anorexia and the need to conform to beauty standards. More recently, in September 2016, the dauphine of Miss Italy was judged  too fat to be awarded the title of Miss Italy.
But more and more people rise up for a change of mentality in the way we look at Women. And Victoria is one of them.


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