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A little taste of the Greek Cyclades.

October 6, 2016


Here we are, back from vacation. I’ve spent a long part of my life visiting Greece, and today I’m about to share a bit of what I discovered. Of course, there are great beaches, amazing food… But I decided to show you the little things each island has more than the others. Let’s start with the Cyclades.

Paros is definitely my favorite island of all times. I could talk about it for hours. The Capital city, Parikia, is a beautiful and welcoming port where we can find a lot of amazing restaurants such as the Taverna Giannoulis. There, you can eat amazing Pita Gyros (for only 2.5€ !). There is also a wonderful white-sand beach, named Martselo, where you sould definetely go !


Antiparos is the little island just in front of Paros. I’m not sure you should spend more than 4 days there because there is not much to see. You can find great ice creams at Vicky’s home made ice creams and cakes. They are fabulous ! I also suggest that you spend the night walking though the streets, going to the shops, to the bars… Everything is open until midnight (on average of course) To reach this island, you can take a little ferryboat, which will allow you to see Paros’ sport beach of Golden Beach.


Naxos is another island of the Cyclades. You can mostly go to visit some museums (including the Apollon Door : a beautiful arch you need to see.) You can also go shopping, you will find a lot of famous brands such as Jet Black.


Serifos is a great island, a lot wilder than the three previous ones. But you’d love it if you wanted to take your backpack, a map, sunglasses and bottles of water. I spent one day hiking there and I was glad; at the very end of the day, you can rest at a table in a café, next to some little Souvenir Shops.


Santorini is the most famous island of the Cyclades, and maybe one of the most famous Greek Islands. Contrary to Serifos, it is so well known that you will find there even more French and American people than Greek people. Be careful with your budget too, I wanted to drink a fresh orange juice (what we usually drink there) and it cost 6€ !! You can reach the top of the island on foot, taxi or donkey. I suggest that you  watch the sunset in a restaurant, you will have the greatest view you’ve ever seen !

Village of Oia in Santorini at sunset

Village of Oia in Santorini at sunset

Milos is one of my favorites, because it’s singular. And special. I discovered a beach, a wonderful one. Its name is Sarakiniko and it’s a lunar beach. It looks like you are having a bath in the middle of the moon. I went through this island with a jeep, and it was great to discover hidden places that are not mentioned in any guide.


To conclude, I spent a long time visiting Greece with the help of the Blue Star Ferries (I usually took them in the middle of the night, the funny part of the trip), and I have a lot of things to say about it. I’d love to talk about Kalymnos, Astypalea, Poros… Maybe later…?



Mathilde G.

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