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Fashion Forward exhibition in Paris

October 3, 2016

What did you miss this summer in Paris ?


My friend and I got interested in the Fashion Forward exhibition in Paris. So, first, as you know if you are a real Parisian, you must be aware of the fact that the Arts Décoratifs museum presents several ephemeral exhibitions  all along the year.

The Fashion Forward exhibition displays 2 centuries of fashion, so basically we follow the exhibition by walking into rooms where mannequins are  exposed wearing beautiful vintage outfits. Through the pieces of art, we time travel and discover how women got dressed in the past. Moreover, we understood how designers worked, how they sewed and what materials they used. The rooms were set up to correspond to the periods or the style of the looks…


Thus, the museum arranged the lights according to the colors of the outfits. The result was amazing as it  gave a certain atmosphere to the exhibition. The placement of the creations was very eye-catching for the visitors; at the beginning we were in small, close rooms, but the last room was huge and at least a 100 dresses were exposed. As a result, standing in the middle of this room was an incredible experience: you felt surrounded by beauty and at that moment there was no question about whether fashion is art.

by Celine  & Valentine



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