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Barenboim’s concert in Paris

September 29, 2016

The second of September was a memorable night for all the classical music lovers. Indeed the famous music director Barenboim came at the “Philarmonie de Paris” to present us a concerto for piano (n°24) by Mozart and after an interval  Symphony number 4 by Bruckner.

The concert lasted 1h30 with 45 minutes of Mozart and 45 minutes of Bruckner. Not only is Barenboim a great conductor but he is also an excellent pianist. He played the piano while he was directing the other instruments during Mozart.

We could see a director close to his first violin but also to all the musicians. There was a nice atmosphere, a nice complicity which came from the orchestra.

The face of Barenboim was very meaningful during his performance, he was deeply involved in his performance.

Personally, my favorite part was the Bruckner part because I was very excited to hear a symphony orchestra in real and I wasn’t disappointed at all.

Moreover the sound of the room was extraordinary , in fact all the geometric forms of the auditorium have been designed to get the best sound.

Finally during 1h30 we were carried away by the melody and the sound of the instruments. A moment far away from the reality, where we were only concentrated on the present moment.


More information about Barenboim:

Barenboim is a conductor and also a great pianist. His parents taught him how to play the piano and he made his first concert at 8 only.

He is Argentinian and Israeli. He is very involved in the settlement of peace in the Middle-East, so he created the  West-Eastern Divan Orchestra with Edward Saïd in 1999 which is a symphony orchestra where musicians come from different countries of the Middle-East : it represents the desire of  having a dialogue between Jews and Arabs.

Some dates about his life:

  • 1975-1989 : Music director of the Orchestra of Paris.
  • 1991-2006 : Music director of the Symphony orchestra of Chicago.
  • 2006 : Won the Ernst Von Siemens Price
  • 2011 : Music director of the Scala of Milan


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