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Five by Igor Gotesman

April 13, 2016

If you are looking forward to seeing a funny movie about friendship, Five is a must see ! This first film by Igor Gotesman has been released in France since March, 30th with Pierre Niney, François Civil, Margot Bancilhon and Idrissa Hanrot.


Five deals with five childhood friends who have always dreamed of living together. When the opportunity comes to them, Julia, Vadim, Nestor, and Timothée jump on it as Samuel is paying the majority of the rent. Hardly have they moved in when Samuel cannot pay for them anymore. He decides not to tell the others and instead starts selling weed to earn money.

This film delivers a touching vision of friendship and makes it even more realistic by the actors’ play. Not only is Igor Gotesman directing it, but he is also one of the leading roles. By choosing real life friends (Pierre Niney and François Civil) Igor Gotesman managed very well to recreate this light atmosphere when you are with your friends. The minute the movie ends, you just want to have fun and hang out with people you like. Moreover, contrary to many films nowadays, jokes aren’t only in the trailer !

This movie is also the occasion to discover new talents such as Margot Bancilhon, Idrissa Hanrot and François Civil. The only girl of the film has been seen in Les Petits Princes by Vianney Lebasque. Her performance in it allowed her to be nominated at the César Ceremony for best female newcomer in 2014. She also appeared in Kheiron’s first movie Nous trois ou rien. Contrary to his partners, Five is Idrissa Hanrot’s first movie. François Civil is already known for his roles in Casting(s) with Pierre Niney and Igor Gotesman, Bus Palladium by Christopher Thompson and Frank by Lenny Abrahamson (who directed Room) with Michael Fassbender ! Soon, we will see him as one of the stars of Cédric Klapish’s new movie: Le Vin et le vent.


Do we still have to present Pierre Niney ? This 27-year-old actor was discovered in LOL by Lisa Azuelos and Comme des Frères by Hugo Gélin before embodying important roles. He was the co-star of the comedy 20 ans d’écart with Virginie Efira and played the huge figure of Yves Saint Laurent for Jalil Lespert. He was awarded the best actor prize at the César in 2015 for Yves Saint Laurent. He also directed his own mini-serie Casting(s).

Five is the second representation of Igor Gotesman’s story. Indeed, he already shot a short version of it in 2011 with François Civil and while he was presenting it to producers, he was given the chance to shot it again for the cinema. This production doesn’t deliver any reflection, doesn’t have the ambition to give us a deeply moving moral about friendship and might appear as a simple movie, but it is really worth it.

So, I really advise you to go and see it and to enjoy the new French generation in the movie industry!


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