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Down by Love / Eperdument

April 12, 2016

affiche eperdument

Down by Love is a  movie realized by Pierre Godeau. This movie was released on March 2nd of this year. This movie deals with the story of an impossible love story. Talking about it this way may give the impression that it looks like the famous Romeo and Juliet but it is not so.

This movie  is the adaptation of the novel Défense d’aimer by Florent Gonçalves, which tells the true story of a warden having started an affair with a prisoner. Pierre Godeau was inspired by this minor incident.

In Down by Love Anna Amari is incarcerated because she is waiting for her trial and she directly creates a strange and privileged relationship with her warden Jean Firmino. A kind of complicity develops between them and they can’t control it because it seems to be stronger than them.

meeting in the prison
In the whole film you discover how they break the laws out of love; they take risks until they reach a point of no return; but they never stop loving each other.

But the thing that you need to know is that in this movie Anna Amari is the woman who acts as a lure for a terrorist group. She has to seduce a man in order to make him talk, at the end he was tortured and beaten up to death because of her.

From my point of view, the choice of the actor is more important than the story itself because Guillaume Gallienne is able to embody  a figure of authority but also a compelling temptation. He is extremely sensible whether it be psychologically or physically.
Adele Exarchopoulos acts like an unpredictable woman, she can be as tender as wild. She appears as a femme fatale as if her warden was under her control whereas she needs his love like the oxygen she breathes.

I advise you to watch this movie because there is a lot of suspense until the end and it shows how love can appear anywhere even in a situation like the one of this movie. The message of this film is that love is unpredictable.



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