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March 29, 2016


Deadpool is the latest Marvel movie that came out on February 9th 2016, just before Valentine’s day.

It is the story of a mercenary named Wade Wilson, he met a girl, named Vanessa, in a bar whom he fell in love with. After a year of relationship, he is diagnosed with a terminal cancer, he was told that he had three months to live. Therefore he decided to leave his girlfriend to protect her and to find a solution to cure himself.


Inside of his favorite bar he encountered a headhunter who proposed him to transform his body in order to eradicate his cancer and become a superhuman. He agreed but didn’t know what he had to endure in order to overcome his disease and to become invincible.

Little did he know that he would change his entire future, to the extent of being a stranger to everyone because he is unrecognizable, the first layer of his skin having been burnt. He would learn how to survive with his new appearance, but he wanted to get revenge on the man who did this to him and get back his girlfriend.

Taboo themes of the movie : Deadpool’s register is full of sarcasm, irony and self-mockery; furthermore his language is unfiltered and so very crude, with lot of bad words. He basically says everything that would be censured in a classic superhero movie. For instance he makes fun of the X-men league, which has never been dared. He says out loud what everyone else is thinking.

He appears as an antihero who doesn’t care about what others think and who only cares about him and his girlfriend.

The fourth wall is broken many times throughout the movie and allows the spectator to feel included in the story as Deadpool addresses us, the viewers, directly.

The actor’s casting has been particularly well done because Ryan Reynolds is the perfect Deadpool; he embodies the character who doesn’t care about the political correctness and people’s opinions about his thoughts.

Doesn’t it tempt you to follow the story of a man for whom the only solution is to take advantage of all the situations in an extreme way by being rude, natural, that is human in its crudest meaning?


Mathilde and Sacha

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