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Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé : A True Love

February 4, 2016


I recently read Lettres à Yves, a novel made of letters written by Pierre Bergé after his lover’s death. In this novel, Pierre Bergé wrote letters to Yves Saint Laurent in order to overcome his death and to go through a period of mourning.

These letters reveal the love they shared and some moments of glory they lived together such as the building and the success of their designer house. Indeed, Yves Saint Laurent mainly created this empire but Pierre Bergé helped him make choices and overcome hardships he went through.

Pierre Bergé also tells about their trips to Morrocco where they had great times. He says he loves going there but being there without him is strange to him but still necessary because it reminds him of their love and their happiness.

Moreover, there is also the story of the Majorelle’s Gardens (in Morocco). The couple bought this garden in 1980 because they fell in love with it during their first trip in 1966. That way they saved it from being destroyed to build a resort. Today, this garden can be visited and it is one of the most visited places in Morocco. It is a beautiful place with amazing colors and there is also a museum next to it.

Back to the book which shows how Pierre Bergé overcame YSL’s death. He went through different steps. First, he was not shocked because he knew his disease was not curable and he knew that he would have died sooner or later. We learn also that they hid the disease from him because he could have not borne it. Pierre Bergé explains that he would have gone crazy. He, then, had to sell their apartement because he wanted to live elsewhere, he had to sell some of their paintings because they were both keen on paintings and art.They had several collections of different paintors. After he had to renovate his new apartement. It feels like everything that surrounded him during this time was meaningless because the only thing he could really think of was him and their common past.


The book also tackles the role Yves Saint Laurent had in the liberation of women. He gave them the power to wear trousers whereas it was poorly regarded. He created a wide range of men style clothes such as trousers, blazers, shirts but for women. Moreover, he said that his biggest regret is not to have created the jeans themselves which shows how revolutionary he wanted to be. Furthermore, he “allowed” women to wear see-through blouses which was kind of provocative for the time.


Finally, this novel is above all about their love story which is very inspiring. In fact, they both cheated on each other, but these “side-stories” were meaningless for them because they’ve always found their way back together. They went through many hardships but they stayed together because they knew they were meant to be. They did not judge and they supported each other in every project they did. They overcame everything thanks to their truly love.

To conclude, I recommend you to read this novel if you’d like to know more about them or about the empire Yves Saint Laurent created.

You can also visit the Yves Saint Laurent Foundation in Paris. Here’s the location: 3 Rue Léonce Reynaud (8th arrondissement). It is near the Alma Bridge.


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