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Wattpad; the new book trend

January 26, 2016

logo wattpad

Wattpad. You might think right now “what is she talking about??”. I don’t blame you for this, because a few months ago I didn’t know either. So, Wattpad is an app, a social medium, on AppleStore and GooglePlay in which you can read books for free or write some.

What are the specificities of the app ? First of all, the books are by anonymous people, a lot of teenagers spend time on the app to write their book. Moreover, readers can vote for the books they like, they can comment on the book just as a publisher would. This helps the writers to keep on writing and updating chapters, to modify some details that may not be clear for the readers. It is then a kind of interactive writing, and interactive book. Nevertheless, writers don’t write on Wattpad for money, they do it for the pleasure of writing.

Are there any known writers ? Yes. You may have heard of Anna Todd and her Saga After, but you probably didn’t know that she actually wrote the first three volumes on Wattpad. The first volume has been read more than 365 million times. So thanks to Wattpad, Anna Todd has been able to publish the first three volumes, and write the next three ones. Moreover, she recently published the equivalent story of After entitled Before, and wrote from another point of view. Wattpad led her to a great success in the international literary world.

wattpad after

There are other big successes on Wattpad, some that I have already read and loved, and others that I plan to read asap:

  • Roommatesby XthatONEchicX, read more thant 36 million times
  • The Badboy’s Girl, by JessGirl93, read more than 147 million times.
  • Before, by imaginator1D (Anna Todd), read by more than 7 million readers.

wattpad bbg

wattpad before

On the app you can find all types of books, but I may admit that Romance and Teen Fictions are the most popular on Wattpad.

There you can make your own reading list, when you stop reading you don’t lose the “page” you were reading, it stays as if you were still on it, even if you close the app. It saves itself. The only little problem of this app is probably the frequency of updating for some writers. For example, once I started a book that I really liked, but unfortunately, it stopped in the middle of the story; the last time I checked, the writer had updated the “last” chapter in July 2015, so the story actually never ends which is very frustrating when you’re really absorbed by the book. (And it is even more frustruating when it’s in the middle of an important event).

Nevertheless, I hope you will find some time to discover this amazing app, and also the tones of great books that you can only find on it. Enjoy your time on Wattpad, read as much as you want and don’t care about what people say about it. Live your life as you want, and by the way, reading is so entertaining !




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  1. June 19, 2016 7:08 pm

    I wouldn’t really call this an amazing app, but each to their own. I used to write on Wattpad, and the big success of After came from it was a Harry Style fanfic with a lot of sex.

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