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“Le Nouveau” a movie directed by Rudi Rosenberg.

January 14, 2016

le nouveau affiche

During Christmas break, I saw a movie entitled Le Nouveau.

It’s a French comedy starring a lot of children and only one adult, Max Boubil.

The story is about a 14-year-old boy, Benoit who is new at his school. He is very shy so he has difficulty talking to people and integrating.

He tries to talk and be friend with the popular group of boys in the school but they make fun of him. After that, he starts hanging out with a new girl named Johanna ; they are in the same situation because she is new too.

One day, she eats in the refectory with the popular boys which break the friendship between her and Benoit.

Benoit, actually finds himself devastated and very disappointed because he was falling in love with her.

Luckily, his uncle Greg is here for him and he wants to help him. They decide to organize a party but only 3 show up. Although they are not that many, they have a lot of fun. After this party, they are always together, having fun, playing games but there is a problem : Benoit is still hurt because of Johanna so his best friend Joshua tells him to call her. Then Benoit, with Joshua’s help, calls her and tells her his feelings but she refuses to be his girlfriend. That’s a very heartbreaking moment for him but thanks to his friends, he holds his head high. According to the director “he realizes that he does not need to be popular to feel strong and happy”.

I liked this movie a lot because it deals with issues that can happen in middle school or high school. It also tackles the problem of popularity which is, to me, something so useless and mean. Also, the theme of friendship and integration is well treated. Although the movie is great, I found myself embarrassed because I feel that if I had been 15 years old, I would have laughed more. Maybe I was a bit too old for the global humour of it.

Here are some facts about the movie:

The director is very touched by the topic because he lived the situation Benoit lives in the movie.

He wanted not to focus on social media because he thinks it would be old-fashioned in the future and to give a timeless value to his movie.

acteurs photos

For the casting, the director wanted children that had not acted in a movie before, so they went into middle schools in order to find children with special spontaneity.

To conclude, I recommend you to see this movie because it’s very funny and pleasant to see.


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