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Made You Up written by Francesca Zappia

January 12, 2016

Made You Up cover

The story begins when Alex, a teenager with red hair and diagnosed paranoid and schizophrenic, is forced to move to another college because in her former one she did forbidden things so she was expelled. She arrives in a new one and nobody knows about her past and about her diseases so she feels a little bit better because people cannot judge her about the things she did but just about who she seems to be.
Because of her two brain diseases she can’t know what is real and what is not. So she lives with her camera and she takes pictures all the time in order to distinguish the reality and what she makes in her imagination.

Even her memories are deceptive for example, she remembers a meeting with a little boy when she was seven years old but her mother told her that it was not real and that she had to forget it. He was her first friend and she called him Blue-Eyes, she never forgets him.

On her first day she meets Miles, a boy who seems lonely just like her so she talks with him and she thinks that maybe he is Blue-Eyes and during the story we’ll follow her in her truth quest. He will play  the game of the twenty questions with her in order to discover who the person they are thinking about is  and it’s really funny to see the questions that they ask each other.

In her quest she is helped by her camera, her magic ball number 8 and her little sister called Charlemagne.

You’ll see that the end is really surprising and that everything that you believed in is not real.

That’s the reason why I love this book, we are following Alex during all the book, even if we know that she is not normal and that we can’t trust her, and finally we believe her because it’s impossible to reconsider all that she says. Another reason to read it is the fact that it is John Green’s favorite book, the one which made him feel like writing.
But imagine just a second that the life you live is not real and that it’s just a dream and that one day you will wake up and realize that you were sleeping ? How would you react ? From your point of view how would the people who you will tell your story react ? They will say that you are crazy, or paranoid or schizophrenic…
So meditate or read this book !!

Look at these quotations :

“I could not have the luxury of taking  the reality for granted. I cannot say that I hated all those who made it, because it was the case of the whole world. I hated nobody. It is just that I lived in my world.
But that never prevented me from wishing to live in the others’.”

“She is cute like that”, I went on, “but believe me, that won’t last when she proclaims herself Pope and declares that the bathroom is her Vatican.” I declared.
“She has already done that?” Miles asked her.
“Oh, yes. Several times. The last time was when I wanted to take a shower, in fact. We heard her roar on the blasphemers from down the street.” I told him with a funny smile.

(my translation)



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