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When Lego transcends you

December 9, 2015

Who has never played with some little colorful blocks during childhood? Who has never heard of the Lego Company? A banal and common game, right? That can make you construct a building, a car or a Star Wars spaceship to invent a fantasised and amusing adventure with your best friend, merely to giggle for a while.

But have you ever thought about making a piece of art with it? That is to say something conveying the viewer an intriguing, deep or poignant message. If you cannot consider this concept because you are convinced that a Lego block is nothing but a plastic and ordinary game to create something exceptional, Nathan Sawaya will persuade you of the contrary.

Nathan Sawaya, as many common human beings did honourable studies, before becoming a brilliant lawyer. Nevertheless, he felt something was missing in him, that could not allow him to live his life plentifully. Hence in 2004, he abandoned the law world to be hired by the Lego Group for 6 years, before founding his own studio. Afterwards, he was recognized a Lego Certified Professional. Then, he started to built gigantic sculptures of objects to test the limits of the “Lego block power”.

Pencil Fun Sawaya

He also draws portraits with Lego blocks. This process has a magic dimension. Indeed if you watch one of his “painting” you perceive certain forms, and the more you screw up your eyes the more you see appearing clear and sometimes realistic shapes making you forget it is made of Legos.


portrait Lincoln

He even integrated his objects into pictures in order to, we can suppose, bring the pixels of a picture out. To break the illusion of reality a picture can suggest. Because a picture is nothing more than an enormous number of pixels reproducing a real image.

Red dress

                  The dress is made of Lego

This artist also makes classical art by reproducing references of master pieces. Thus, they seem now easy to access for adults and even children. He makes of them a first approach to an art reference. In fact, he rebuilt famous master pieces such as The Kiss by Klimt,  Le Penseur (The Thinker) scultpted by Rodin, the Joconda by Leonardo da Vinci or even Michelangelo’s great David. And by being made of Lego blocks  these masterpieces appear as a game, consequently it gains people’s attention and amazement.

epa03751835 A view of a replica of the 'Mona Lisa' made of Legos at the 'Art of the Brick' show at the Discovery Times Square in New York City, New York, USA, 19 June 2013. The show features over 100 sculptures by Lego artist Nathan Sawaya and runs until 05 January 2014. EPA/JUSTIN LANE

A view of a replica of the ‘Mona Lisa’ made of Legos at the ‘Art of the Brick’ show at the Discovery Times Square in New York City, New York, USA, 19 June 2013.


A replica of The Kiss by Klimt


A replica of David by Michelangelo

Apart from copying the masters, he proposes his own touching, captivating, interesting and symbolic images for illustrating kind of philosophical reflections linked to: the sense of life, the idea of art, deep and complex but authentic and spontaneous feelings,  a human being naturally experiences while facing extreme situations.




In a nutshell, Nathan Sawaya destroyed the unique aspect of a Lego block: a toy fragment, and expended the scope of it into a shattering, accessible and versatile art.

What prevented his self-fulfillment is undeniably: ART.

According to what he does: “Art is not optional”.

Nathan Sawaya’s website:

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