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Maxim Nucci, the rising star of music industry

December 8, 2015

Maxim Nucci is a 36-year-old French singer, also known as “Yodelice”. He is a talented man who used to sing and play a lot of musical instruments for many famous artists.

Even though he started doing music at the age of 6, he only became popular a few years ago. At 15, he decided to go studying in England in the Musician Institute. After his studies, he became the youngest music teacher of the school. At 17 he came back in France after signing a contract with Polygram, a branch of the record company Universal Music. He officially began to work in 2001 by being a music arranger on the TV show “Popstars”. Without him, the L5 group (largely forgotten now) wouldn’t have got this huge success at the time.

Singer Yodelice performing during the 25th 'Victoires de la Musique' ceremony held at the Zenith hall in Paris, France on March 6, 2010. Photo by Christophe Guibbaud/ABACAPRESS.COM

Singer Yodelice performing during the 25th ‘Victoires de la Musique’ ceremony held at the Zenith hall in Paris, France on March 6, 2010. Photo by Christophe Guibbaud/ABACAPRESS.COM

After this experience, he wrote many songs for his campanion, the French singer Jenifer in 2004. Two years later, he made an appearance in Guillaume Canet’s movie Ne le dis à personne and released his first solo album named “Maxim Nucci” but it didn’t get the success he wanted. In 2007, he composed the entirety of Jenifer’s third album. Thanks to this, he started to be more popular. He met Matthieu Chedid (alias -M-) who introduced him to Vanessa Paradis to play her first part on tour. Realizing he still didn’t get a name by himself, he created a fictional character named “Yodelice”. This character stages a man with dark clothes, a feather on his hat and a tear on his cheek. He created a universe between Tim Burton and Jim Jarmusch. His first hit as Yodelice named “Sunday with a Flu” really allowed him to get famous and Guillaume Canet decided to direct this music video. His music video for his second hit “More than Meets the Eye” included the presence of Marion Cottillard. Thanks to his new friendship with Guillaume Canet, he made an other appearance in one of his films Les Petits Mouchoirs.


In 2011, now that he began being famous, he composed a few songs for Johnny Hallyday’s album “Jamais Seul”. This year, in 2015, he made the whole “De l’Amour” album still by Johnny Hallyday. You can hear him live during Johnny Hallyday’s tour. He is doing his first part and frequently joins him on stage during the show.

It is such a shame he still doesn’t have the fame he deserves… However, if you are interested in his work, you can see him during the whole tour of Johnny Hallyday this year. More than just a first part, he is a cornerstone of the show.


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