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Paper Towns by John Green

December 1, 2015

Paper town

This masterpiece is both a book and a movie.

During the holidays, I started reading the book and I saw the movie with a friend.

This was really interesting and I was speechless at the end.

Here’s the story:

Margo and Quentin are friends since their childhood, they used to wander together, to talk. He is kind of fascinated by her. During one of their walks, they found the corpse of a man who committed suicide. Following this incident, the movie flashes forward to their last year of high school. We see them as strangers, they don’t talk to each other anymore but Quentin has feelings for her.  One night, Margo appears at Quentin’s bedroom window with a plan to take revenge on her high school friends and boyfriend because they betrayed her. She convinces Quentin to help her because she needs a driver and some help.

Then, they go to her ex-boyfriend’s house to prank him because he cheated on her with her best friend Becca. Afterwards they break into Becca’s house to tag her door. The following prank is for Lacey, one of her friends who knew about the whole thing. They wrapped her car with cling film.

Then, they sneak into a building Margo knows well and they go into a conference room where they have an amazing view upon the city. For the first time, she mentions the “paper towns”. She thinks Orlando is fake. After this crazy night, they both return home and Quentin is hoping that things will be different after this night.

The next days, Margo is missing at school. Her parents are not really worried because she has run away four times.

Quentin and Margot’s friends believe that she left clues and that she wants to be found.

Then he finds a small piece of paper in his door hinge with an address. He thinks this will lead them to her location. Quentin and his friends decide to skip school the following day to visit the address.  At this location, they find an abandoned souvenir store that contains evidence of her recent presence.

Quentin eventually discovers how to find Margo’s location. He matches up the holes from the tacks in the store wall to a page on an old atlas. This leads him to discover that Margo has been hiding in Agloe, New York, a fictional town that mapmakers use as a copyright trap.

Once they reach Agloe, they discover an old barn—but no sign of Margo.  Quentin, however, is determined to find Margo so he hitches a ride to a nearby town where he purchases a bus ticket back to Florida. There, he sees Margo walking by and chases after her. Margo is surprised to see him. And I won’t tell you the end in case you haven’t seen it yet !


To me, this movie is great because the end changes from all the romantic comedies. The psychology of Margo and Quentin is developed and we can think they are on the same page and actually they are not. Both actors are perfect in their role, Cara Delevingne is amazing here and captivating and Nat Wolff is very touching and sensitive.

I recommend you to read the book and then see this movie which is very enjoyable and not complicated.


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