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Cop 21

November 23, 2015

COP 21

From November 30 2015 to December 11 2015 will stand in Paris the 21th meeting for the protection of the environment. This meeting is one of the most important since the Copenhagen summit in 2009, the COP15. Unfortunately 2009 was a fail for the countries who ratified the charter. This meeting put 192 countries together but six years later only a few respected the charter they signed – only 56 countries -which contributed to the fail. Copenhagen was based on the idea of reducing the emission of greenhouse gas and stop the warming of the earth to the full of 2°C. The charter was also signed in order to help the Southern countries with a help of $100 billion given by the Northern countries. After this failure, we can consider that the COP 21 in Paris is based upon the same ideas which is very disappointing for the ecologists and so for the Earth obviously.

Firstly, the financial assistance proposed by the charter of Copenhagen is really questionable in the current economic slump we are facing. Our President M. Francois Hollande proposed another time in Paris, in his country to give that money, but how could he manage to do this with an almost 100% debt of the GPD? That part of the charter brought many uprising in the financial world. However, this financial assistance is essential to the Southern countries because they will certainly have to readjust their infrastrctures because of rising waters in the Indian Ocean.

Secondly the charter of the COP 21 demands the countries who signed it to limit the greenhouse gas as in 2009 and also limit the warming of the earth to 2°C. A month after these propositions, we can already predict failure  because we are currently approximately at 2.2 or 2.5°C. The more we consume energies (those we have left) the more the earth is warming which is very dangerous for the Southern people. The charter has been signed by almost 80% of the most powerful countries and the poorest countries too. But the charter has not been signed by the oil-producing countries such as Qatar or The Arab countries and the oil owners. However, this is not really surprising because those countries would have to reduce their carbon monoxide emission, reduce the pollution created by the refining of raw material, and so would have to slash on their profits which is inconceivable for those countries.

Finally, following the tragic events on November  13 in Paris, it is possible to imagine that, albeit security will be insured by all the governments, it will be even more difficult to think and implement measures for the earth with the current French insanity provoked by some extremists in the capital. I am sadly convinced that because of the current mentalities and the current events the twenty first edition of the worldwide summit for the earth is likely to be a failure like in Copenhagen in 2009


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