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Paris Attacks ; The world reacts

November 17, 2015

As you all know, the city of Paris, and the whole country of France experienced this weekend some terrorist attacks in six different places. The “City of Lights” immediately reacted by turning off the lights of The Eiffel Tower. The world supported the French Nation right away by enlightening their symbolic monuments with the colours of the French flag.

Firstly, we can notice that Jerusalem, Israel, denounced the terrorist attacks by enlightening their Wailing Wall with the French Flag.



Sydney, Australia, did the same: the enlightened  Sydney Opera House.



Here is the Shanghai reaction on the Oriental Pearl Radio and TV Tower.



The United States was actually the first country to react to the terrorist attacks in Paris. They lit the Washington Square Arch in New-York, as we can see down bellow. But also the Empire State Building, The One Trade Center Tower, the San Francisco City Hall, and the Capitol.



And finally, London enlightened the London Eye, Tower Brige, but also the National Gallery.



Paris, turned the lights of the Eiffel Tower back on on Monday night with the French flag like the rest of the world.




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