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Drawings which embody the whole world’s pain after the attacks

November 17, 2015

How to find the words today that could express our pain and sadness after what happened last Friday night ? A lot of emotions were shared on the media and lots of drawings were published. Sometimes words are meaningless and drawings can touch people directly and they can interpret them in their own way.


This one was made by Jean Julien known as Banksy. This is a reference to the famous peace symbol. Moreover, the Eiffel Tower in the center reminds us of which city was touched that is to say Paris.


This drawing represents the world’s unity which is something we appreciated a lot lately because for us it’s important to be united against terrorism.


This picture represents Marianne who has been a symbol of France since the French Revolution. The fact that she is crying blood tears shows that the values of the Republic have been mistreated. It seems like she is disappointed in how the world is changing in a negative way.


This is kind of a funny cartoon which shows that French girls are free and happy. They fought for their rights in the past and nowadays they are proud to know that, although terrorism is awful, they can still live and love. They are free to do what they want.


In this drawing, we can see a man who represents the French population who is painting a heart on the top of the Eiffel tower to show that love can make it where the words cannot. Furthermore we can say that there are the tree colours of the French flag.


This one represents the Eiffel Tower; the bottom of the monument is made of two hands. This reminds us of the hashtag #PrayForParis on twitter. Everyone is praying for a better day.


This drawing is very powerful and shows Marianne rising after having been hurt and fallen to her knees.

Alexandra and Sacha

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